Clouds of

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We have taken some time to reflect on both the past and what is yet to come. Change is all around us, and this year we have chosen to focus on climate change.

We have made a donation to the Union of Concerned Scientists as well as created this video to help share information about clouds and their role in the change around us.

"We are clearly the last generation that can change the course of climate change, but we are also the first generation with its consequences."
Kristaline Georgieva,
Chief Executive of the World Bank

As change continues, keep up-to-date with these resources:

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With the power of Augmented Reality and a handy app, we created a book that brings some important facts about climate change to life. We are proud to be a winner of a 2019 American Web Design Award from GD USA for spotlighting even more information about a cause so important to us, and our future.

Watch the video to see how the book works and fill out the form below if you'd like your very own copy of Clouds of Change.